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Welcome to Mixing Up Midlife, a weekly show for women in their 50's and beyond who want to explore this incredible age by being more adventurous and more curious. 
Each week Terri and Melissa talk about what matters most to empty-nesters and mid-life women.
Part reality show, part audio diary and part cocktail hour, this show is about remembering how to have fun in midlife.

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Dec 8, 2023

For the first time in the show's history, we've got  a twenty something on as our guest! We're joined by Melissa's Gen Z daughter, Alison, who gives us her thoughts on The Golden Bachelor, explains what "Porch Era"is  and talks about what she liked about the show.

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00:00 Introduction and Podcast Overview

00:11 Special Guest Introduction: Allison

00:46 Golden Bachelor Finale Discussion

01:56 Allison's Initial Reaction to the Golden Bachelor

03:47 Comparing Golden Bachelor to Other Seasons

05:07 The Unexpected Finale: Opinions and Reactions

07:08 Post-Finale Speculations and Theories

09:49 The Hollywood Reporter's 'Hit Piece' on Jerry

12:58 Final Thoughts and Wrap Up

17:02 Watching the Show: A Unique Experience

17:29 Discussing Gary's Actions

18:56 Choosing Safety Over Adventure

20:04 Love at Different Ages

22:10 The Golden Bachelor: Final Thoughts

22:13 Reality TV: A Love-Hate Relationship

26:08 The Future of the Golden Bachelor Participants

28:52 The Possibility of a Golden Bachelorette

29:53 Wrapping Up the Discussion