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Welcome to Mixing Up Midlife, a weekly show for women in their 50's and beyond who want to explore this incredible age by being more adventurous and more curious. 
Each week Terri and Melissa talk about what matters most to empty-nesters and mid-life women.
Part reality show, part audio diary and part cocktail hour, this show is about remembering how to have fun in midlife.

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May 24, 2024

Ready for a pop culture deep dive with a midlife twist?

This week on Mixing Up Midlife, Terri and Melissa are back with a fun-filled episode, catching you up on all things midlife pop culture and sharing some personal adventures along the way.

What's on Tap?

  • Midlife Adventures: Terri and Melissa dish on Melissa’s recent Cape Cod vacation, spilling the tea on their adventures (and misadventures!).
  • TikTok Takeover We can't resist the siren song of TikTok! We share our favorite  recent trends.
  • Fashion Files: Get ready for some style inspiration! Terri and Melissa discuss a visit to the Met Fashion exhibit, “Sleeping Beauties: ReAwakening Fashion”Pop Culture Reflections: From the Met Gala to the latest must-see films, the hosts explore how pop culture intersects with their midlife experiences.
  • Aging with Grace: Terri and Melissa get real about beauty standards and the importance of embracing aging.

Plus: Personal updates, Summer announcements, and of course, plenty of laughs!

Don't miss this episode - it's a midlife pop culture party you won't want to miss!


Tyla Gets Ready for the Met  

Demi Moore Met Gala 2024

Gen-X dancing to Small Town Boy

Girl On Couch Original

The Golden Bachelorette, Joan Vassos

Gayle King SI Cover 

The Substance Demi Moore Cannes Film Festival

Melissa’s Mini Branding Photo Session


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