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Mixing Up Midlife

Welcome to Mixing Up Midlife, a weekly show for mid-lifers and empty nesters who want to shake up their middle years one challenge at a time. 

Part reality show, part audio diary and part cocktail hour, join us each week as we Mix up Midlife by doing the things we set aside while we grew our families and careers. 


Jul 10, 2020

Personal Hygiene, privacy in bathrooms , getting skunked are all related in this episode. Thank goodness for the Watermelon Rescue, which has been on hand almost every weekend of the summer.

Watermelon Rescue



2oz gin, tequila, vodka maybe rum. 

1/2 oz. Jalapeño simple syrup

 4 oz. watermelon juice

1/2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice

5-6 Basil leaves

(Makes 1 drink) 


To make simple syrup: 

combine 1/2 C sugar ( white, raw, turbinado with 1/2 C water  and simmer jalapenos until all the sugar has dissolved. remove from heat and let cool. The longer you leave the peppers in the spicier the syrup will be. Remove jalapeños and strain into glass jar. Store in fridge 


Scoop and squeeze a watermelon over a strainer and into a large measuring cup or bowl.  You can do this in a blender, but I like the way it turns out when it’s squeezed by hand. 

Put basil leaves in a cocktail shaker. Add ice then liquids. 

Shake till very cold

Strain into a martini glass 

Garnish with a thin slice of watermelon. 


Infuse liquor with sliced jalapeños for at least an hour or more until it reaches desired spiciness. Omit simple syrup

Omit liquor and add seltzer to make non-alcoholic.  

Use some of the watermelon juice to make ice cubes