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Welcome to Mixing Up Midlife, a weekly show for women in their 50's and beyond who want to explore this incredible age by being more adventurous and more curious. 
Each week Terri and Melissa talk about what matters most to empty-nesters and mid-life women.
Part reality show, part audio diary and part cocktail hour, this show is about remembering how to have fun in midlife.

Leave us a review if you enjoyed the podcast. As always, thanks for listening to Mixing Up Midlife, a podcast for women over 50 who are adventurous, curious and want to have fun.

Jan 19, 2024

Can astrology help women over 50 find their purpose? In this episode of the 'Mixing Up Midlife' podcast, hosts Terri and Melissa interview intuitive tarot reader and astrologer, Mary Jo Cranmore aka MJ. MJ shares her journey from a television news producer to an astrologer, her spiritual awakening and provides insights...

Jan 12, 2024

We're back together for the first time since December and we've got updates! Melissa went to Colorado, hiked Garden of the Gods and came home with her new fur baby. We ask if it's crazy that we both got puppies as empty nesters. Our answers may suprise you. We're going to be gamifying our 2024 goal setting by making...

Jan 5, 2024

Living A Bodacious Life: Seasonal Work For Women over 50 with Dawna Jarvis

In this episode, Terri and Melissa of 'Mixing up Midlife' podcast speak with Dawna Jarvis in an enlightening conversation about pursuing an adventurous life post-age 50. Dawna shares her journey of taking a divergent route in her empty...