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Mixing Up Midlife

Welcome to Mixing Up Midlife, a weekly show for mid-lifers and empty nesters who want to shake up their middle years one challenge at a time. 

Part reality show, part audio diary and part cocktail hour, join us each week as we Mix up Midlife by doing the things we set aside while we grew our families and careers. 


Aug 28, 2020

Terri and Melissa are joined by Tina Conroy, A  Psychic Medium and Reiki Master and the Director of Energy Healing at the Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine in New York. She is the Producer of the The Intuitive Woman Podcast, and a sought out Speaker on the topic of Intuition and Spirit Communication.

You can...

Aug 21, 2020

In part 1 of this three part series, Melissa joins Terri on a journey to develop intuition. Why should we, as women in our 50's, listen to our intuition more now then ever and is it possible to become more intuitive?

Terri is pretty woo about the whole thing, while Melissa is more skeptical, but they're both open to...

Aug 14, 2020

Isaias rolled through and caused some serious melting and meltdowns.

Today's cocktail is a Sergeant Tom's Pepper, made with strawberries, gin and pink peppercorns.

The crowded Library was all outside, btw.

We revisit Emeril Lagasse's Real & Rustic Cookbook which made an appearance in Episode 5

Who uses cookbooks any...

Aug 7, 2020

Health Coach & podcaster Carolyn Cohen of the Wellness While Walking podcast joins Terri to discuss all things intermittent fasting and how it can be beneficial to women in midlife.

Listen to Carolyn’s own episode on IF with Emily Prokop HERE 

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